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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog. These days, everyone is looking to make some additional money whether you need help paying rent, medical bills, or just want some extra cash so you can live a little more comfortably. There are many ways to go about this, but if you are already working 9am to 5pm everyday to hit 40 hours a week, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get another job. One of the more convenient ways to make money would be sitting at home on your computer. You can take your time, no deadlines or bosses to answer to, take breaks when you want, and have as much vacation time as you want. Who wouldn’t want that?

A little about me now. I graduated college a couple years ago with a Bachelors of Exercise Science. Loans started piling up and I realized my job wasn’t going to cover my apartment rent, medical bills, credit cards, and college loans. I needed some other source of income. I started doing research about making money online. I tried a thousand different ways and failed a thousand different ways. That didn’t discourage me and I kept trying out new things and mixing other ideas up. After all of the failures I finally started to make some decent profit to help with all of my bills. Now I’m doing alright for myself. Never get discouraged if something doesn’t work right off. There are no easy ways out.

In a nutshell, this blog will go through all of the various ways to make money online while conveniently sitting at home. All of the methods will be updated with my twists and secrets to help increase your profit. Thanks for reading and enjoy!


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